Time to Say Goodbye… For a While Anyway


Our first step in our new year is a five week road trip! Not so much a five week vacation as it really is five weeks of living on the road as we seek to continue learning (and working) while away.

What’s up for this trip? We will enjoy diving into some history in Plymouth MA, enjoy God’s creation in Maine, spend time in the Finger lake region of New York, and enjoy a number of other stops in between each of our major destinations. Trust me, towing an 11,000lbs. 33ft trailer is not something you want to be doing for much more then 5 or so hours at a time so there will be a number of extra stops in between. Totally off topic, but I have a new found respect for all those men and women who drive big rigs on the road, that is some tricky work!

We are super excited about the trip but I’ll have to admit I feel a bit melancholy. Five weeks is a long time to be gone. We love our home (the image above is a sunset form our yard), our family and friends nearby, and our new church home at New Hope Christian Fellowship! Listening to the sermons on the web site does go a long way, but there is a very large part called ‘community’ that we are going to be very much missing. So many great people there all sharing that recognition that God wants us fully and completely (not just the part we put together on Sunday morning). You all will be deeply missed!

Fortunately this separation is temporary. As much as I enjoy reading about families who hit the road full time that just isn’t for us. Ok, maybe I could get into that, but I’m only 25% of this family, less if you count the cat (and I’m not going to).  So off we go on our 2000+ mile road trip to start off this next chapter in our lives!

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