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Corning Museum of Glass


On Thursday the 4th we drove 30 minutes to Corning to visit the Corning Museum of Glass. We got there relatively early, not only does it help with avoiding the […]

Niagara Falls


Wednesday had a special treat for the family, and one that involved a good deal of driving. Our location on the western side of the Finger Lake region was done […]

The Start of a River


Our journey from New Hampshire brought us to Warren, NY.  This stop was just for two nights and served as a halfway point (thereabouts) on our way to the Finger […]

Downtown Littleton


On our last full day in Littleton we decided to visit the very quaint downtown.  Nestled right along side the Ammonoosuc River is the single main street that makes up […]

Mount Washington


The crown jewel within the White Mountain National Forest is arguably Mount Washington.  Standing at 6,288 feet above sea level this rock is the tallest peak in the northeast and […]

Last day in Acadia :(


Our last day near Acadia National Park had a special treat, an air tour!  Now typically I might gag a bit at the cost of doing something like this, but […]

Time on the Water


The main activity on Wednesday and Thursday involved being on the water… finally! Ever since we got our Advanced Elements kayaks we’ve been greatly enjoying any chance to get onto the […]

Exploring Acadia Part 2


On Tuesday the 19th we had three goals: Bike riding on the famed Carriage Roads of Acadia Lunch at the Jordan Pond House Restaurant Visiting the summit of Cadillac Mountain […]

Exploring Acadia Part 1


We were eager Monday morning to be able to start our journey into Acadia despite the early morning fog.  It turns out this area has a pretty amazing public transit […]

Schoodic Point


Our drive to Acadia National Park was an easy one, the only thing odd about it was the ever increasing percentage of RV’s we started to see as we got […]

Plymouth – Part 2

IMG_0830 2

It has been just a couple days since I’ve manage to be able to share a post of what we’ve been experiencing.  Though the blog has been quiet, our days […]

Forefather’s Monument


One of the treasures of Plymouth is the Forefather’s Monument.  Originally known as the Pilgrim Monument, it is the largest free standing granite monument in the world, towering eighty one feet […]

Three if by Train?


One if by sea, two if by land… A phrase associated with Paul Revere and the conflict that took place at Lexington during April in 1775 that turned out the be […]

Welcome to Plymouth


Saturday afternoon we pulled into Pinewood Lodgings after a fairly uneventful six hour drive.  We have been extremely eager to get back to Plymouth after I had the pleasure to […]

Hurry Up and Slow Down


Our last full day involved hiking, some biking, some swimming, and a LOT of sweating! After waking to only mildly uncomfortable temperatures and thinking that we might be able to […]

A Big Change


This post is by a special author, Sam!  He wanted to contribute to the family blog and wrote the following The transition for me is huge because I went from […]

A Journey Before Us


Ever feel that tug on your heart, when God is preparing you for a change? We are on the cusp of that change and whether it is for a year… […]