Downtown Littleton


On our last full day in Littleton we decided to visit the very quaint downtown.  Nestled right along side the Ammonoosuc River is the single main street that makes up the town.  Running along the street are numerous antique, clothing, crafts, and outdoor equipment stores as well as various eateries.  It had that ‘small town’ charm while being a bit more sophisticated.  There were a number of restaurants that overlooked the river as well as a rather large pedestrians only covered bridge.  We spent a couple hours walking around the town and visiting various shops.

DSC01968One of the stores was a candy store named ‘Chutters’ which boasted having the worlds longest candy counter.  Coming in at around 112 feet long there were more then enough sweets to satisfy even the pickiest candy fan.  Of course each of the kids got to fill a bag with various goodies and Wendy and I walked away with some incredible fudge to boot!

We’ve had a fantastic time here, and again we’ve found that there was easily enough opportunities for exploration and adventure to keep us busy for a longer stay, but time has come to move on.  Next stop is Richfield Springs NY for a two night break before finishing this amazing trip with a week in the NY finger lake region.

So far the family is doing great, the kids have been getting along as well as ever (especially given the tight housing) and we have all been enjoying seeing all the new things.  Only thing that has caught me a bit off guard is what I’d call ‘trip planning fatigue.’  I had only planned out the first half of the trip and was intending to wing it on the second half with just a general sense of where we wanted to head.  This is a departure from my norm as I like to plan out everything, there would be a daily schedule with times and locations to it for each day if I had my way, but I’m trying to learn how to let go a bit (Angela you should be proud of me).  In having to plan out the second half while on the road, with relatively poor internet access usually, I’ve found that I’m just tired of constantly researching campgrounds, attractions, and travel routes and just don’t want to make any decisions.  I had honestly expected that we’d have some walls to push through at some point on the trip, I just hadn’t seen this one coming.

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