Some Down Time


This post is a couple days behind so I apologize for that.

Last week at the conclusion of our time in Plymouth we were all feeling pretty burned out and exhausted after keeping so busy in that town.  Before starting our next adventure we needed some down time.  Partly because I don’t like to drive more then about 5-6 hours at a time when towing and also because I knew we needed a break, we headed Standish ME.  This is a quiet little community near Sebago lake about 45 minutes off of I-95.  The area was beautiful! Lush woodland, incredible grasslands, and not a lot of humans!  We set up camp at the Family and Friends campground for two nights.

Though not a large campground they had full hookups for our RV and a pool, which is all we really needed.  We didn’t go anywhere except a grocery run and spent our time sleeping and playing at the pool.  One other thing I did was manage a record setting loosing streak to my wife in Phase 10 (a card game), something I’m still a little grumpy about.

Sadly despite being in another amazing area we didn’t take time to explore the lake, we will certainly be adding it to our list of places to (re)visit.  After having had this time, everyone seems to be a bit more like themselves again, even the cat (which means she’s back to trying to trip me and biting my ankles if I’m not paying attention to her).

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