Welcome to Plymouth


Saturday afternoon we pulled into Pinewood Lodgings after a fairly uneventful six hour drive.  We have been extremely eager to get back to Plymouth after I had the pleasure to accompany both Ava and Sam on field trips they each took during the third grade.  Their teacher, Mary Stauffer has a contagious passion for the history surrounding these early settlers and there is so much more to their story then is typically taught in school.  We’ve wanted to get up here to share this with Wendy for a long time.

Though Sunday, our first full day here, was intended to be a day trip to Boston, weather prevented that from happening (hey, slow down and go with the flow) so we decided to bump up our intended trip to the Plimoth Plantation (spelling intentional).  The Plantation is a living museum with a recreated Native village and Plimoth settlement that includes individuals living out various roles from that time.

My previous visits had left me with a bit of a bad taste as political correctness had gotten the best of the site as it was operated by the Smithsonian Institute.  This trip however was different!  Vicki Oman is the Director of Museum Programs and School Services and was one of the guides that shared her vast knowledge with us during both fields trips.  She is personal friends with Mary Stauffer and is one of the few Christians that work at the site.  Over the years her role and influence has increased and she is doing what she can to have a more accurate story told by the individuals working in the Native village and settlement.  We had the great pleasure of running into her while we were visiting and enjoyed chatting with her for quite a while and hopefully encouraging her as she continues in what is truly a ministry for her.

We have lots to still see here and up in Boston so we’ll be sharing those as we can, but here are some pics from the Plimoth Plantation.

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