A Big Change


This post is by a special author, Sam!  He wanted to contribute to the family blog and wrote the following

The transition for me is huge because I went from playing video games for about forty five minutes every single day to only being able to play once a week or on rainy days, and going on our five week RV trip is really going to make me go crazy.  I know I’m going to have a great time kayaking and biking and stuff like that, but all of us are going to have to break our habit of screen after screen after screen.  We’re going to be doing a ton of things outside and reading, stuff I’m not used to doing for a super long period of time.

The thing about playing electronics all day and every day is that you don’t realize the outside world except the tiny little screen that in the long term won’t do you and good.  I started to realize the more I played video games or watched TV the more I found myself talking about the game or asking to keep playing over and over.  It’s driving my parents crazy!  So this is going to be a huge learning experience for my family to break our habit of being on screens over and over again.

One thought on “A Big Change

  1. Hang in there Sam, you can handle it. You might find something in the real world that is pretty interesting too! Just try to avoid the bear.

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