A Journey Before Us


Ever feel that tug on your heart, when God is preparing you for a change? We are on the cusp of that change and whether it is for a year… or longer, only God knows. But we do know that it is something that He has been preparing us for, something that he has grown us to be eagerly anticipating, despite where our starting point on the subject might have been, and it is something that He will use to prepare us for either what is next, or perhaps something that lies even further down the road for us.

So hey, thanks for the generalities and all but perhaps a bit more detail on the topic might help.

Fair enough. Let’s start with some background.

The last half decade has gone by in a flash. My business had done well, the kids have continued growing from their excellent education at Dayspring Christian Academy and I have continued being blessed by having such and incredible best friend and spouse in Wendy. Sure, we got a cat in the last year or so, but other than that it has mostly been all positives!

Then warning signs starting coming along. I won’t get into the specifics here but they began coming through a variety of channels. Despite how well things were going at the moment, there was some trouble coming. It wasn’t a matter of if, but when. The more and more Wendy and I became exposed to these messages the more confident we became that we had to take action.

During this time I was also starting to have a thirst for some adventure. I blame it totally on reading too many blogs of families spending time on the road, and just the natural desires of my heart (not something to be always listened to). I wanted to get out there, see new things, meet new people, and share those experiences with the ones I love most in this world (cat not included).

Lastly, and most importantly, God was knocking at the door and deservingly wanting a larger piece of my life (all of it actually). Both myself and my wife were desiring a deeper relationship with Him, and to become more challenged.

Then it happened!

The business changed, causing me to lay off my entire staff (a heartbreaking decision) and we decided to move on from our church, desiring a new home where the spiritual food wasn’t spoon fed.

It felt like EVERYTHING was changing, that is except for the nucleus, my family. Amazing how much easier it is to face uncertainty with God as your foundation, and an incredible supportive wife, and two wonderful children beside you.

The change with the business was expected, and well prepared for so the impact wasn’t devastating, but it did mean some changes. For now, the biggest impact is that sending the kids to DCA wasn’t going to happen. With public school, especially in this era of gender neutral bathrooms and political correctness, was simply NOT an option. So add one more big change to the list of items, we are now officially home schooling! The kids will still be taking some limited classes from Dayspring in areas we can’t teach as well, and partly to stay strongly connected to their friends there.

So what does all this mean for the next year?

It means we are all going to be spending a LOT of time together. I am doing more freelance based work so I work out of home, and it’s not the typical 8-5 kind of thing. Plus with the kids home most of the time there will be a lot more interaction together.

It is our goal for the next year to really focus on further developing Godly character in all four of us, to grow closer as a family, to fully lean and depend on God to lead us in all areas of our life, and oh yeah, have a little bit of adventure added to our lives.

Home schooling, freelance work that can be done anywhere with an internet connection, and an RV means there will be a lot of fun and learning done with a ridiculous amount of fields trips!

Lord willing the following year the kids will be back in Dayspring, in fact we are structuring our curriculum based on the Dayspring syllabus so they can make a seamless transition back to life at DCA. That admittedly is a bit heavy on ‘our plans’ so who knows what is truly before us. What we do know is that we serve an amazing God, one who has plans for usĀ and is continuing to mold us.

Whew! That was a lot of text, sorry about that. I’m honestly more of a visual person and will make sure to balance the text with ample amounts of great photos moving forward!

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